As a famous quote by Buddha goes “When you like a flower, you just pluck it. But when you love a flower, you water it daily.” Flowers are created to be loved just like humans. They cannot talk but surely, they do have feelings. That’s why they grow, flourish and even wilt away if not taken care of properly.

If you pluck a flower you take its life away, from this moment on the flower is dead, it cannot grow any further thus the beauty you wanted to admire is now dead. Sounds devastating? That’s how it is. A flower is a jewel of a plant which can be admired by many people who pass by but once plucked it can only be with the person who took it.


These all were emotional reasons, let’s take this scientifically, when flowers grow old, they reach the stage of maturity and produce seeds. These seeds are responsible for continuing the species as they are the reason behind pollination and insects feed on them leading to reproduction in plants. A plucked flower will no longer be able to continue this process thus may lead to species extinction. In addition to this, we humans have a lot of stuff to be pleased from but on the other hand, when it comes to insects, flowers are the only blooming factor in their lives. Consider that, how cruel would it be to deprive a butterfly of its very favorite thing in the world. These same flowers which we admire so much on a bouquet given to us by a loved one, are fed on by honeybees to produce honey. According to Einstein “If Honey Bees Were to Disappear from Earth, Humans Would Be Dead Within 4 Years.” If we do not provide enough fields and orchards for honeybees to pollinate and produce honey, we all know our future is doomed.

So, the next time you go on a field or find a roadside periwinkle too much eye-pleasing, admire it from afar or might even touch it. Since the plants deserve to live like as we humans do, we all should involve ourselves in planting activities and even though it may not seem like right now the happiness you get from putting something good out in the world is the highest level of satisfaction one can get.